Two treasures of The Russian Ballet at ABT


The beautiful Metropolitan Opera House

American Ballet Theatre this season is presenting two ballets from the bright and colourful canon of the Ballets Russes and Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo.

The poster for the Golden Cockerel

On the 6th of June ABT opened The Golden Cockerel, a reworked version of the popular 1937 production created for the Royal Danish Ballet in 2012.

Please see my article on the production’s history 

Poster for The Sleeping Princess outside the Metropolitan Opera House.

On the 27th ABT will open there new production of The Sleeping Beauty, based on the Ballets Russes 1921 production and created last year.

I had the pleasure of working on both of these gorgeous productions as researcher. It was lovely to see the posters for  both of these productions side by side.