Karinska’s cottage in the woods

I recently found out that legendary designer and costume maker Barbara Karinska had a summer cottage in the Berkshires – in fact just down the road from Jacob’s Pillow!


If that was not cool enough I then found out that it was in this cottage that George Balanchine and Maria Tallchief spent their honeymoon in 1946. In her biography Tallchief recalled, ‘After the ceremony… we drove to Barbara Karinska’s house in the Berkshires … for both of us work was more important than a honeymoon … a weekend in the country sufficed.’

Balanchine and Tallchief holding their marriage licence.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to find this house and set off down George Carter Road. Two miles later I found the tiny blue cottage on the quiet road – pretty amazing to think one of the most influential costume makers lived here. The house is now called Karinska House and bears a plaque with this name.

A glimpse of the cottage through the trees.

Stone House Properties images of the Karinska House.

Looking west from the house.
Looking east from the house.