Research & Writing

Caroline Hamilton is a diverse historical researcher and writer. She is a contributing writer for publications including; Pointe Magazine, Arts + Culture Texas, The Wonderful World of Dance, Dance Australia Magazine, The Ballet Bag, The Costume Society and Reviews in Australian Studies.

Caroline was contributing writer and historian for Ballet: The Definitive Illustrated Story, published by Dorling Kindersley and due to be released in September 2018.

Ballet: The Definitive Illustrated Story

In 2012 Caroline was a contributing writer for the publication Anna Pavlova, Twentieth Century Ballerina, with Jane Pritchard (London: Booth Clibborn Editors, 2012). Reprinted in an extended edition in October 2013 and translated into Russian April 2015.


Caroline’s recent research work includes contributing writer for a new publication on the history of ballet, studying working class men’s shirts, historical political cartoons, Russian émigré ballet in London, the planning of Milton Keynes and the development of Musical Theatre!


  • The Ballets Russes
  • The Anna Pavlova Company
  • Ballet History
  • 20th Century Dance History
  • Costume and Clothing History
  • Material Culture

The Hammond School Centenary

In 2016 Caroline worked as historian for The Hammond School in Chester. Her role has included researching the history of both the school and house, establishing a school archive and creating a series of events, exhibitions and social media to engage the current and past students. See the following link for a glimpse into the research undertaken.

The Hammond History Blog





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